Wolf at heart, wild and free. Denver. 25. Graphic Designer. Weed. Bone collecting. Painting. Bike rides.
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#tbt to the good ol days. I never forget where I come from.
Miss you @caro_yo!!! Don’t ever forget how awesome you are! Thanks for FaceTime dates/cleanups. 😘 I love you and so happy you are one of my best friends!!! Xoxoxo I’m a lucky bitch.
BFFs ❤️👫💏 @ohbrandonn
Two Miley’s in a pea pod. I love you @beckstarr_ You da best bitch. 😘
#mcm killing zombies and shit. @ohbrandonn Thanks for making sure I know what’s up. You’re the best.
If we can’t run away for a vacation, the range will have to do. Not a bad day so far. The taste of gunpowder in my throat is the best. Thanks @velociraptorz for the photo! Proud of you today!
Devotchka w/ the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks was amazing last night! ❤️ (videos won’t post so this pic will have to work)
16. July 2014


Is it 5’o clock yet??

I am ready to leave now!

Red rocks last night was the best! ❤️ it was great to see @shovelsnrope !!!!!
Watching bitches #watermelonselfie - this lady seriously took about 50 of them.  🍉 😂